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Second Chances

One day I was sanding a piece of furniture down (when I'm sanding & painting & listening to music I do a lot of thinking). I was thinking "Wow! How lucky am I to give this piece of furniture a second chance for someone to love by putting a little bit of my heart and soul into it." Then it made me think about my life & how it lead me to refinishing furniture & how lucky I was to get a second chance at my own life. You see in 2015 I was diagnosed with breast cancer & God gave me a second chance which lead me to follow and conquer my dreams. I really love being creative, its been a part of me all my life. The second chance I got made me realize that I need to follow my dreams & passion. I didn't know that finding a piece of furniture on the side of the road & refinishing it would eventually lead me to my passion and what God intended for me all along. Which in turn lead me to a business I absolutely love!
I enjoy taking a piece that needs a little TLC or updating & redesigning & transforming it into something new and fresh, a treasure for someone to love. Who doesn't love a before & after? I know I do. I am always so excited to see the potential that a piece has and how the piece is going to turn out. I enjoy looking at Pinterest to keep up on trends & ideas of new things to try. My goal is to design a piece of furniture into a new piece that I hope you can love now and for generations to come. I try my hardest to complete each piece as if it were for my own home.
My finished pieces have ended up in babies rooms, Airbnb's, businesses, different states & maybe even in your own home.
I am so grateful for all the people & opportunities I have come in contact with on this journey. I am so lucky and blessed to have such a supportive husband & daughter who are my biggest cheerleaders & who help me behind the scenes be it with the finances or picking up pieces of furniture.
Gods second chance gave me the opportunity to express who I am, to be who I was meant to be and do what I truly enjoy.
What a beautiful life!
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