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Refinished Furniture Care Info

When you buy an item of hand-crafted painted furniture, you will want to ensure that you take good care of it. Depending on the quality of the timber and the level of craftsmanship, your furniture could easily last you a lifetime if cared for properly.

Wooden tops of your painted furniture will naturally age, but this is not a problem in itself. Instead, it adds character to the piece. But you do not want your furniture to become overly worn too quickly, and you want it to remain looking beautiful for many years.

Here are some of the most important things to remember when you look after your furniture to ensure it stays in perfect condition for longer.
Treat gently until the paint or topcoat have fully cured. 30 day cure time and light use is recommended with no items (especially heavy) placed on top until fully cured.

You might ask what curing means here is the definition: Paint curing can be defined as the act of paint becoming fully hardened. Whenever you apply paint to a solid material, it goes through a chemical process of bonding to the surface. Until it has fully bonded and hardened, the paint is not yet cured and that means that it is not yet ready for everyday use.
 After cured it is recommended to use coasters, placemats and trivets. If you want to keep other items on top of the furniture, make sure they will not damage the wood or painted surface.  For example, use felt backing when you place items like lamps and ornaments on the furniture.  You should also move accessories around regularly so that they do not stay in the same place because it may cause marking over time.
Clean weekly with a lightly dampened micro fiber or lint-free  cloth with water only and wipe with the grain to remove dust and dirt build-up. To clean stubborn spots add a drop of dish detergent to some warm water and lightly scrub.
Avoid using furniture polish, cleaners or dusting sprays that contain silicone, Alcohol, ammonia and anything acidic these may damage or discolor the furniture.
Clean up water, alcohol and food spills in a timely manner.
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