Hi!  Thank you so much for taking your time to check out my website and work.
My name is Krista Sobralski and I am located in Green Bay, WI.  I never thought that finding a piece on the side of the road and refinishing it would turn into a business that I absolutely love! I love taking a piece that needs a little TLC and turning it into a treasure for someone to love.   Who doesn't love a before and after? I know I do.  I am always so excited to see the potential that a piece has and how the piece is going to turn out.
I also enjoy using my creativity designing websites, logos and marketing materials.
I am blessed with a wonderful husband who helps me with the business side of things. We have a beautiful daughter who we are so very excited to watch grow and learn new things.
What a beautiful life!

Krista Sobralski

Krista Lynn Design LLC

(920) 621-6725       

Green Bay, WI

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