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How to get rid of gunky residue on furniture.

I had the opportunity to refinish a clients table that was passed down through the family from the late 1800's. When I first received it it was dark in color and the client was looking to have it refinished in a summer oak stain. In order to achieve this finish I had to strip the piece. I usually like to sand it to get it down to the natural wood. However when I was sanding I came across a gunky surface which made it very hard to sand. The gunky surface can come from the accumulation of dirt, cooking grease and grime or a buildup of furniture polishes. I did some searching and found this YouTube video that helped to get rid of the residue and made the sanding of the piece so much easier!

I used Restor A Finish and it worked like a charm!

This product is also nice if you don't want to strip a piece and can help restore color from faded pieces, blend out scratches and blemishes and remove white heat rings.

Here are some pictures of the finished table.

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