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Fun with Stencils

I had the fun opportunity to refinish the above dresser using a raised stencil for a client! It was the first time I got the chance to try this technique and it was something I was waiting to have the opportunity to do.

I first took my sander and sanded the tops and sides of the dresser all the way down to the bare wood. Then I applied Varathane's weathered wood accelerator. This is one of my favorite products and I use it a lot. This has to be done on bare wood but once you apply the product it changes within the hour to give it a weathered look. So cool!

Next I worked on the drawer fronts. I found some stencils at Walmart taped them to the front of the drawer and the used Dry Dex Spackling and a putty knife and put over the stencil. Once the spackling dried it gave a raised stencil. Such an awesome way to give a piece a little extra character.

I painted the drawer fronts a few different colors and added an aged glaze over the top to help the detail of the stencil stand out.

I then added some new knobs to finish off the piece.

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