Brookside Farms LLC Brochure Design

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Brochure Outside

Brochure Inside

Brookside Farms LLC provides high quality, fresh produce to CSA members in Northeast Wisconsin. Organic practices are adhered to utilizing heirloom and non-GMO seeds.

Business is all about first impressions. Business cards, brochures,postcards and flyers are more than information. Your business marketing materials "introduce" you - even BEFORE the customer reads what's inside.

Branding and Marketing Materials can make an impact. Your marketing materials must tell your company's unique story and present it in a well-designed, effective mix of advertising, brochures, direct mail, and more. Your potential customers don't know what you can do for them — unless you tell them.

Every business owner must use effective marketing materials to:
-Inform customers about your businesses products or services -Attract more customers in your area -Advertise upcoming events -Create positive customer service experience -Communicate a clear, consistent message -Build brand identity and a professional image

-Grab the attention of new prospects and grow customer base

More information on advertising can be found at:


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