What is Letter Art?

Letter Art is a unique collection of ordinary objects photographed through the eye of the artist and transformed into letters of the alphabet.  Mixed with your imagination and a little creativity you can use these letters to make something truly unique and extraordinary!

How to Use It?

Gifts: Housewarming, Wedding, Engagement, Birthday, Anniversary, Retirement, Teacher, Holiday, Graduation, Coaches, New Baby or just because!
Decor:  Home, Retail, Dorm Room, Apartment, Classroom



as you choose from many letters.  Create your letter art treasure by using a first name, a last name, a special word, a motivation word, a hometown - your possibilities are endless!



Personalize Your Letter Art!

When looking for the perfect gift you have to look no further!



Products & Prices

14 1/2 x 24 1/2 Framed Image              $60.00


Wallet Size Letters (2.5"x3.5")                $2.00 each
4x6 Size Letters                                           $3.00 each
4x6 Hanging Letters                                  $6.00 each
NEW!! 5x7 Mounted Letters                  $15.00 each 
Hangs on wall or can sit on table    
Letters can be made into Black & White, Sepia or Color



Personalize with first names & date.  Includes 10 x 20 image framed in either a plain black frame or black frame with silver trim.


Please email or call with your personalized requests.  You will be emailed a few different samples. Once you have decided on the design, your order will be ready in about 1 - 2 weeks.  You will be notified once it is ready to be picked up.


Letters can be made into Black & White, Sepia or Color



Letter Options

Select a letter to see all the options.

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